Why in Modena

Modena in particular, and the whole  Emilia Romagna region in general, represents a unique place embodying the passion, the talent, and the tradition for motor technology and top level of mechanics.

Modena interlace a number of initiatives relevant to Motor like: “Modena, ground of Motors”, “ Motor Menu”  “The Rod Club”  The classic vintage car race: “One Hundred Hours” organized every spring, then the Mythic  “ Mille Miglia”  crossing Modena in May. Furthermore we account “Motor and Tastes” held in Castelfranco Emilia,  joining Motors to the local famous kitchen, and so many other local initiative gathering people from worldwide.  

In this place lies a unique condensate of History and Know How: take Ferrari Gallery, in Maranello i.e. then Historical Car Stanguellini Musseum, located in Modena, Via Emilia, The museum of Vintage Car and Motorcycle Umberto Panini in Cognento (Modena suburb). The list continues with  Mario Righini Collection, In Panzano Castle, the Historical Musseum Lamborghini at Sant’Agata Bolognese. 

The Modena Fair  Centre as well  is the organizer of two important events: The scientific meeting “Motor High Tech”   dedicated to innovations and the international biennial Trade Show “Alumotive” that became the most important venue of mechanic technologies, metals, innovative  materials, outsourcing relevant to motors, including racing cars. 

In this wide  technical and cultural scenario in continuous development it is forthcoming the opening of “ The Birth House  of Enzo Ferrari” next to the building where the Mythic “Drake”  Mr Ferrari was born. 
In this place are located factories like Ferrari, Maserati, Lamborghini, Pagani as well as production of the recent past time like De Tomaso, Bugatti, Stanguellini and so on.
The local Chamber of Coomerce and Industry
Promoted the Idea of “Motorvalley” (www.motorvalley.it) conceived to give large visibility to above initiatives and enhance relevant market.

It is such a place and his atmosphere that the idea of Expotecnica occurred  like in a dream. 
It is matter of a project of a high technological level, scientific exactitude, ideally conceived thinking to the man who, more than anybody else made great this territory: Mr Enzo Ferrari.
Therefore Expotecnica becomes an evidence of so many lives lead inside this “ World of Motors” and racings. It is a monument named after the wits of the people who attended to it.
A “life monument” as it intends to keep alive the network of passions, challenges, victories and defeat which marked its historical steps.
Expotecnica in Modena certainly shall challenges his promotional team-work in a serious and committed cultural job.
It is a project whose soundness is rooted in a famous sentence of Mr Ferrari:

“If you can dream it you, you can  do it “