Why Expotecnica

Expotecnica appeared in a “dream” to Mr. Giacomo Caliri, an engineer who enjoyed worldwide esteem spending his life in Formula 1 R&D departments, working closely with pilots in race tracks. Overtime Mr. Caliri gradually shared his idea with some former colleagues, friends and motor sports journalists, all driven by the same passion for technology.

Expotecnica mission: to testify the past, present and future of the enchanting international racing world through its components, witnessing the lives of engineers who conceived developed and tested them in races.

The Expotecnica concept is simple: an innovative and original exhibition centre focused on racing technology. Unlike traditional museums were the technical essence remains under the car bodies, Expotecnica will show parts as engines, gearboxes, suspensions and more. Interactive displays will document the reasons inspiring the innovation and performance improvement.

Expotecnica will, as well, periodically host contemporary technology acting as an international meeting point. Expotecnica will include a conference facility, a library, a cultural foundation, a shop, etc.

Key background of Expotecnica: Mechanical is the most important World Industry segment accounting for a huge turnover. In Italy it sums up 58.000 enterprises, employing some 2 million people (source: ISTAT). Although such richness is mostly spread across micro-enterprises, their technology is often at top level and quality continuously updated. Motor industries and their suppliers are among the main worldwide output sector of technology innovation and, inside it, motor sports field finds itself at apex of excellence.

In the future, substantial know-how change will not be given only by the progress in new materials, processes and engineering. Great importance will be assumed by the “integrated factory” concept, meaning the outsourcing network. Relevant partners are being more and more considered as “department” of the main Manufacturer rather than simple sub-suppliers. Such an enhanced relation will bring partners to a higher position inside the development teamwork, thus sharing more merits for its eventual race success.

In conclusion the Expotecnica project is intended to permanently evidence the values characterising racing history:
The technology embodied in the components displayed in the museum;
The human value and determination in the hardest trials;
The teamwork or, let us better say, “The racing teamwork”.
As they used in the Racing Teams, Expotecnica founder members cooperate bringing each experience to win in the development of the cultural project