Expotecnica philosophy is worldwide innovative and unique, due to some typical characteristics:

1- Expotecnica displays the history of racing and its single components technological progress. It has a Scientific Committee selecting the components which were milestones of international racing development. The exhibition will be interactive: beside the physical parts display, custom information is available on-demand, with a choice of technical level using: videos, drawings, pictures, etc. Example: in a video-interview the project engineer explains the reasons inspiring the innovation and the benefit achieved.

2- A special “Technology Sector” will be dedicated to several manufacturing methods throughout their historical progress. Therefore Expotecnica will become a technical–scientific source of information until now available only by means of specific press reference, which is often quite difficult. As such Expotecnica is also characterized by educational scope.

3- The exhibiting principle however will not be intended as the usual collection of obsolete material, but aimed to create the place for cultural and know-how exchange. Expotecnica aim is to connect several players as: engineering offices, consultants, as well as racing fans together with cultural centers, Universities, Research and Development offices.

4- Due to such a great scientific worthiness Expotecnica shall also be the ideal media for promotion activity at disposal of a number of motor related industries. The complex includes a 500 seats conference and a promotional show room. Publicity drive and branding, new product launching, historic cars meetings, cultural conferences, held in Expotecnica will contribute to keep the international meetings alive and exciting.

Thanks to above characteristics, being located in a region valued worldwide as the cradle of the high performing motor sports Expotecnica distinguishes itself from other prestigious car museums.